Real Calls 144 as the ‘Ultimate Gold Coast Smart Home’.


Since listing on, I44 Tallebudgera Drive Palm Beach has one of the most viewed houses in Australia. 

The reason it is so popular is that the home is setting a bar for all future Taris Property Group projects.

When it came to the vision of I44 Tallebudgera Drive Palm Beach, Taris Property Group founder and director, Theodore Vairaktaris says:

“It was always going to be a statement, and we have achieved that by approaching it as a fresh canvas where art meets design.”

The properties interest has led to a string of media attention. From 7News to Yahoo! Finance, everyone is talking about the property.

In the latest article, Theodore Vairaktairs and Taris Property Group are labelled the Construction King. Deservingly so, with the Hampton style smart home sets the bar for future homes on the Gold Coast.

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The home is set to go for auction on October 26 through Michael Kollosche and Rob Lamb of Kollosche.

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